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 * This program is Copyright (C) 1986-2002 by Jonathan Payne.  JOVE is    *
 * provided by Jonathan and Jovehacks without charge and without          *
 * warranty.  You may copy, modify, and/or distribute JOVE, provided that *
 * this notice is included in all the source files and documentation.     *

/* typedef struct window Window in jove.h */

struct window {
            *w_prev,    /* circular list */
      Buffer      *w_bufp;    /* buffer associated with this window */
            w_top,            /* top line */
            w_line;     /* current line */
            w_height,   /* window height (including mode line) */
            w_topnum,   /* buffer line number of the topline */
            w_dotcol,   /* screen column of w_line (set by UpdWindow) */
            w_dotline,  /* screen line number of w_line (set by UpdWindow) */
#define     W_TOPGONE   01
#define     W_CURGONE   02    /* topline (curline) of window has been deleted
                           since the last time a redisplay was called */
#define W_VISSPACE      04
#define W_NUMLINES      010
            w_LRscroll; /* amount of LeftRight scrolling in window */
#ifdef MAC
      int   w_topline;  /* row number of top line in window */
      /* Note: "ControlHandle w_control" would require more includes */
      struct ControlRecord **w_control;   /* scroll bar for window */

#define W_NUMWIDTH(w)   (((w)->w_flags & W_NUMLINES)? 8 : 0)
#define SIWIDTH(off)    ((off) != 0? 1 : 0)     /* width of shift indicator, if any */

extern Window
      *fwind,           /* first window in list */
      *curwind;   /* current window */

#define one_windp()     (fwind->w_next == fwind)
#define WSIZE(wp) ((wp)->w_height - 1)    /* window lines, without modeline */

extern int
      in_window proto((Window *windes,LinePtr line));

extern Window
      *div_wind proto((Window *wp,int n)),
      *windbp proto((Buffer *bp));

extern void
      CalcWind proto((Window *w)),
      CentWind proto((Window *w)),
      SetTop proto((Window *w,LinePtr line)),
      SetWind proto((Window *new)),
      WindSize proto((Window *w,int inc)),
      del_wind proto((Window *wp)),
      pop_wind proto((const char *name, bool clobber, int btype)),
      tiewind proto((Window *w, Buffer *bp)),   /* util.c!! */
      winit proto((void));

/* Commands: */

extern void
      DelCurWindow proto((void)),
      GotoWind proto((void)),
      GrowWindowCmd proto((void)),
      NextWindow proto((void)),
      OneWindow proto((void)),
      PageNWind proto((void)),
      PrevWindow proto((void)),
      ScrollLeft proto((void)),
      ScrollRight proto((void)),
      ShrWindow proto((void)),
      SplitWind proto((void)),
      WNumLines proto((void)),
      WVisSpace proto((void)),
      WindFind proto((void));

/* Variables: */

extern int  ScrollStep;       /* VAR: how should we scroll */

extern bool ScrollBar;        /* VAR: whether the scrollbar is used */

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