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 * This program is Copyright (C) 1986-2002 by Jonathan Payne.  JOVE is    *
 * provided by Jonathan and Jovehacks without charge and without          *
 * warranty.  You may copy, modify, and/or distribute JOVE, provided that *
 * this notice is included in all the source files and documentation.     *

/* note: sysprocs.h must be included first */

extern char ShcomBuf[LBSIZE];

extern char *MakeName proto((char *command));

extern void
      isprocbuf proto((const char *bufname)),
      get_FL_info proto((char *, char *)),
      ChkErrorLines proto((void)),
      ErrFree proto((void));

extern wait_status_t
      UnixToBuf proto((int, const char *, const char *, const char *));

/* flags for UnixToBuf: */
#define UTB_DISP  1     /* Display output? */
#define UTB_CLOBBER     2     /* (if UTB_DISP)  clear buffer at start? */
#define UTB_ERRWIN      4     /* (if UTB_DISP) make window size error-window-size? */
#define UTB_SH    8     /* shell command? */
#define UTB_FILEARG     16    /* pass curbuf->b_fname as $0? */

extern pid_t      ChildPid;   /* pid of any outstanding non-iproc process */
extern void dowait proto((wait_status_t *status));

/* Commands: */

extern void
      MakeErrors proto((void)),
      FilterRegion proto((void)),
      ShNoBuf proto((void)),
      ShToBuf proto((void)),
      ShellCom proto((void)),
      Shtypeout proto((void));
 * Even if we don't have MakeErrors, the following are useful because we can
 * load an error file and parse it with these.
extern void
      ErrParse proto((void)),
      ShowErr proto((void)),
      NextError proto((void)),
      PrevError proto((void));

#ifdef SPELL
extern void
      SpelBuffer proto((void)),
      SpelWords proto((void));

/* Variables: */

extern int  EWSize;                 /* VAR: percentage of screen to make the error window */
extern char ErrFmtStr[256];         /* VAR: format string for parse errors */
extern bool WtOnMk;                 /* VAR: write files on compile-it command */
extern bool WrapProcessLines; /* VAR: wrap process lines at CO-1 chars */

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