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 * This program is Copyright (C) 1986-2002 by Jonathan Payne.  JOVE is    *
 * provided by Jonathan and Jovehacks without charge and without          *
 * warranty.  You may copy, modify, and/or distribute JOVE, provided that *
 * this notice is included in all the source files and documentation.     *

struct macro {
      /* Type and Name must match data_obj */
      int   Type;       /* in this case a macro */
      const char  *Name;            /* name is always second ... */
      int   m_len;            /* length of macro so we can use ^@ */
      char  *m_body;    /* actual body of the macro */
      struct macro      *m_nextm;

extern bool
      InMacDefine;      /* are we defining a macro right now? */

extern struct macro     *macros;

extern bool
      in_macro proto((void)),
      ModMacs proto((void));

extern ZXchar
      mac_getc proto((void));

extern void
      mac_init proto((void)),
      do_macro proto((struct macro *mac)),
      unwind_macro_stack proto((void)),
      mac_putc proto((DAPchar c)),
      note_dispatch proto((void));

/* Commands: */
extern void
      DefKBDMac proto((void)),
      ExecMacro proto((void)),
      Forget proto((void)),
      MacInter proto((void)),
      NameMac proto((void)),
      Remember proto((void)),
      RunMacro proto((void)),
      WriteMacs proto((void));

/* dataobj.h:
 *    findmac

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