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 * This program is Copyright (C) 1986-2002 by Jonathan Payne.  JOVE is    *
 * provided by Jonathan and Jovehacks without charge and without          *
 * warranty.  You may copy, modify, and/or distribute JOVE, provided that *
 * this notice is included in all the source files and documentation.     *

/* UNIX Library/System Routine Emulations for Macintosh (mac.c) */

#ifdef MAC

extern int
      creat proto((const char *, jmode_t)),
      /* open may have an optional third argument, promo(jmode_t) mode */
      open proto((const char */*path*/, int /*flags*/, ...)),
      close proto((int)),
      unlink proto((const char *)),
      chdir proto((const char *));

extern SSIZE_T
      read proto((int /*fd*/, UnivPtr /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/)),
      write proto((int /*fd*/, UnivConstPtr /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/));

extern long lseek proto((int /*fd*/, long /*offset*/, int /*whence*/));
extern time_t     time proto((time_t *));

extern void
      menus_off proto((void));      /* called by real_ask, findcom, waitchar */

#endif /* MAC */

/*==== Declarations of Library/System Routines ====*/

#ifndef REALSTDC
extern int  errno;      /* Redundant if declared in <errno.h> -- DHR */
extern char *strerror proto((int)); /* errno.h or string.h? */

/* General Utilities: <stdlib.h> */

#include <stdlib.h>

extern int  abs proto((int));

extern void abort proto((void));
extern void exit proto((int));

extern int  atoi proto((const char */*nptr*/));

extern void qsort proto((UnivPtr /*base*/, size_t /*nmemb*/,
      size_t /*size*/, int (*/*compar*/)(UnivConstPtr, UnivConstPtr)));

extern char *getenv proto((const char *));
extern int  system proto((const char *));

extern void
      free proto((UnivPtr));

extern UnivPtr
      calloc proto((size_t, size_t)),
      malloc proto((size_t)),
      realloc proto((UnivPtr, size_t));

/* Date and Time <time.h> */

extern time_t     time proto((time_t */*tloc*/));
extern char *ctime proto((const time_t *));

/* UNIX */

#ifdef MSC51
#define const     /* the const's in the following defs conflict with MSC 5.1 */

#ifndef NO_FCNTL
# include <fcntl.h>

#ifndef O_RDONLY  /* in POSIX <fcntl.h> */
# define O_RDONLY 0
# define O_WRONLY 1
# define O_RDWR         2

#ifndef O_BINARY  /* needed for MSDOS and perhaps others */
# define O_BINARY 0     /* fake if missing with value harmless when ORed */

# include <unistd.h>
# if _POSIX_VERSION < 199009L /* defined in <unistd.h>: can't test earlier */
   /* ssize_t is not defined in original POSIX.1
    * Surprise: NetBSD defines it, even though it claims to be old POSIX.1!
    * To dodge this problem, we define ssize_t as a macro, not a typedef.
#  define ssize_t int
# endif
#else /* !POSIX_UNISTD */

extern int  chdir proto((const char */*path*/));

/* POSIX, System Vr4, MSDOS, and our Mac code specify getcwd.
 * System Vr4 (sometimes?) types the second argument "int"!!
# ifdef USE_GETCWD
extern char *getcwd proto((char *, size_t));
# endif /* USE_GETCWD */

/* bufsiz might be of type int in old systems */
extern int readlink proto((const char */*path*/, char */*buf*/, size_t /*bufsiz*/));
# endif

extern int  access proto((const char */*path*/, int /*mode*/));
# ifndef F_OK     /* in POSIX <unistd.h> */
#  define F_OK    0     /* does file exist? */
#  define X_OK    1     /* is it executable by caller? */
#  define W_OK    2     /* writable by caller? */
#  define R_OK    4     /* readable by caller? */
# endif

extern int  creat proto((const char */*path*/, jmode_t /*mode*/));
      /* open may have an optional third argument, promo(jmode_t) mode */
extern int  open proto((const char */*path*/, int /*flags*/, ...));

extern jmode_t umask proto((jmode_t));
# ifdef NO_MKSTEMP
#  ifndef NO_MKTEMP
extern char *mktemp proto((char */*template*/));
#  endif
# else
extern int mkstemp proto((char */*template*/));
# endif

# ifdef MSC51
extern SSIZE_T    read proto((int /*fd*/, char * /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/));
extern SSIZE_T    write proto((int /*fd*/, const char * /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/));
# else
extern SSIZE_T    read proto((int /*fd*/, UnivPtr /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/));
extern SSIZE_T    write proto((int /*fd*/, UnivConstPtr /*buf*/, size_t /*nbytes*/));
# endif

# if !defined(ZTCDOS) && !defined(__BORLANDC__)
/* Zortech incorrectly defines argv as const char **.
 * Borland incorrectly defines argv as char *[] and omits some consts
 * on execl and execlp parameters.
 * On the other hand, each supplies declarations for these functions.
extern int  execl proto((const char */*path*/, const char */*arg*/, ...));
extern int  execlp proto((const char */*file*/, const char */*arg*/, ...));
extern int  execv proto((const char */*path*/, char *const /*argv*/[]));
extern int  execvp proto((const char */*file*/, char *const /*argv*/[]));
# endif

# ifdef MSC51
#  undef const
# endif

extern void _exit proto((int));     /* exit(), without flush, etc. */

extern unsigned   alarm proto((unsigned /*seconds*/));

extern int  pipe proto((int *));
extern int  close proto((int));
extern int  dup proto((int));
extern int  dup2 proto((int /*old_fd*/, int /*new_fd*/));
extern long lseek proto((int /*fd*/, long /*offset*/, int /*whence*/));
extern int  fchmod proto((int /*fd*/, jmode_t /*mode*/));
extern int  chown proto((const char *, int, int));

extern int  unlink proto((const char */*path*/));

#endif /* !POSIX_UNISTD */


extern int  fsync proto((int));

 * Note: in most systems, declaration of a non-existant function is
 * OK if the function is never actually called.  The parentheses around
 * the name prevent any macro expansion.  Of course, if the types in the
 * prototype are not declared, the compiler gets upset.

# ifdef USE_BCOPY
extern void UNMACRO(bcopy) proto((UnivConstPtr, UnivPtr, size_t));
extern void UNMACRO(bzero) proto((UnivPtr, size_t));
# endif

#endif /* !FULL_UNISTD */

/* termcap */
#ifdef TERMCAP
# ifdef TERMINFO
extern char *UNMACRO(tparm) proto((const char *, ...));
#  define   targ1(s, i) tparm(s, i)
#  define   targ2(s, c, l)    tparm(s, c, l)
# else
extern char *UNMACRO(tgoto) proto((const char *, int /*destcol*/, int /*destline*/));
#  define   targ1(s, i) tgoto(s, 0, i)
#  define   targ2(s, c, l)    tgoto(s, c, l)
# endif

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